Protecting Our Environment

for Generations to Come
Our economy and our way of life are linked to the health of Florida’s environment. We have to make sure we steward our natural resources and preserve our environment for future generations. This is one of Wilton’s top priorities in Tallahassee and he won’t quit fighting until we see results.

Enacted the Statewide Flooding and Sea-level Rise Resilience Plan

Expedited water storage north of Lake Okeechobee

Secured $2 million to clean up and restore the Homosassa River

Secured $10 million to clean up and restore the habitat of Kings Bay

Voted to continue significant restoration projects all along our Florida Springs 

Secured record level funding to restore and revive the Florida Everglades

Worked to fund the Florida Forever Program, responsibly conserving important land to protect our state’s natural resources 

Senator Simpson is on a Mission to Preserve Florida

Wilton fought for Everglades Restoration, the protection of Florida’s springs, and increased standards for the drinking water that comes into our homes.

Wilton Believes in Being a Good Steward.

Growing up on a farm in the middle of Florida’s beauty, Wilton Simpson learned the importance of protecting our environment. From safeguarding Florida’s water to preserving Florida’s heartland, Wilton is fighting for Florida when no one else will.

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