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Husband, Father and Papa

Wilton lives in Trilby with his wife Kathy. Their son Wilton Jr. and his wife Caroline are practically neighbors, as are President Simpson’s daughter Lauran, her husband Kenten, and their daughters. Among his many accomplishments, President Simpson’s most esteemed title is “Papa” to his two beautiful granddaughters Addy and Emy.


Lifelong Farmer

Wilton Simpson is a fifth generation Floridian, proud to be born and raised in the Sunshine State. A lifelong Florida farmer and entrepreneur, Wilton has deep personal and professional roots grounded in agriculture, including a large scale egg-laying operation that supplies eggs for Florida’s families through supermarkets across the state.

Photo of Wilton Simpson with his dad
Photo of a Black and White Cow
Photo of Wilton Simpson at the Fair Showing a Pig
Photo of Citrus Grove from Above

“As the sun comes up every day, I’m on my farm, working hard, creating jobs, and doing the right things for the right reasons.  This family farm has done so for generations.  Wilton Simpson is a champion for my way of life.  Through his Right to Farm bill in 2021, he made sure that I can’t be harassed or sued for just doing my job…being a farmer.  This guy is smart and gets it, I am all in for Wilton Simpson for Ag Commissioner.”

— Stewart Stein, 4th Generation Belle Glade Farmer, Stewart Stein Farms, Inc.


Simpson Donates Land for  New CARES Center

“While others bemoan the needs of their communities, Wilton Simpson steps up and pitches in. As a farmer, his land is his most precious treasure, but Wilton didn’t hesitate to share with our seniors when he saw a need. He has a heart that far exceeds what’s asked of him, and for that, we are all grateful.”

Jemith Rosa
CARES President & CEO


PACE Center for Girls

One of the greatest obligations we have as a society is to ensure our children have access to opportunities beyond their circumstances. For so many girls across our state, PACE Center for Girls has been a driving force behind changing the trajectory of their lives. As an advocate for PACE, Wilton has worked for policies and resources for PACE’s important mission to equip girls and young women across our state with the tools they need for success. Perhaps more importantly, Wilton spends time with the girls of PACE at the center where they share with him what they’re learning and at the Capitol in Tallahassee where they advocate for positive change. Wilton has even invited the girls to learn more about his farm and the important work Florida’s farmers do to ensure Floridians have access to healthy food.


Simpson Breast Health Center

Seeing a need in the community, Wilton and Kathy worked to ensure women had the care they deserved at a time when they deserved it most. The Simpson Breast Health Center at AdventHealth Zephyrhills is led by an independent team of board-certified physicians and provides some of Florida’s most advanced technology for breast cancer with a full spectrum of breast care services.

“Nearly a decade ago, we celebrated the opening of the Simpson Breast Health Center at AdventHealth Zephyrhills, the only dedicated breast care center in east Pasco County. I’m proud of the work that’s being done to ensure women have access to world-class care that is saving lives.” — Wilton Simpson


Honors & Awards

With appreciation and a deep sense of humility, Wilton Simpson has been recognized for his advocacy, philanthropy and leadership in the community and the State Senate by Floridians in law enforcement, the agricultural and business communities, home builders and first responders to name a few.  Woven into every honor and achievement, are the triumphs, tragedies & truly incredible stories of hardworking Floridians Wilton has fought for with the sincere goal of helping others achieve their American Dream.


Wilton’s Record

With an eye toward outcomes and problem solving, Wilton has a proven record of fighting for Florida’s hardworking families and small business owners, supporting our brave law enforcement officers and first responders, protecting our precious natural resources, and taking a stand against government overreach and job killing regulations.


NRA & Unified Sportsmen of Florida endorses Wilton Simpson for Agriculture Commissioner

The Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner has the duty to oversee and administer the statutory laws that govern the concealed weapon and firearm licensing process. We believe it is vital to have a Commissioner who understands the importance of running this Cabinet office with integrity, honor, and who will not politicize our constitutional rights. 

We believe that, if elected, you will serve with a strong commitment to the Constitution, the state laws that govern this process, and to the people of Florida.

Florida Farm Bureau FarmPAC Supports Wilton Simpson for Florida Agriculture Commissioner

 Florida Farm Bureau FarmPAC proudly supports and endorses Mr. Wilton Simpson for the office of Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Mr. Simpson is a fifth generation Floridian, citrus grower and egg farmer. He truly understands the issues facing agriculture and is willing to serve in a capacity to protect those who feed the world…He has been a champion in the Florida Senate not only for Florida’s farmers and ranchers, but for each and every citizen that calls the Sunshine State home. 

Florida law enforcement union endorses Wilton Simpson for Agriculture Commissioner

“As our Senate President, you insist that the men and women of law enforcement and corrections be treated with the utmost respect,” reads a letter to Simpson from FPBA President John “Kaz“ Kazanjian. “Your vision as Senate President has steered our law enforcement and correctional officer communities onto a road into the 21st century. Your support for creating a sustainable quality of life for Florida’s finest will leave a lasting legacy for decades to come.

“We have your back and we know you have ours.”

Champion for Good Government

“Wilton Simpson is a champion for good government. We need leaders in Tallahassee who understand our business challenges.  He’s been in the trenches with us connecting people to hope for the future.  He is the real deal and I’m all for him in 2022. All in!”

Travis Maldonado, First Generation Hispanic business owner/home builder

President Trump endorses Wilton Simpson for Agriculture Commissioner

“Wilton Simpson has done an outstanding job as President of the Florida State Senate, and I hope he runs for Florida Agriculture Commissioner in 2022 – he will have my Complete and Total endorsement! Wilton has been a great supporter and worked hard to get many good Conservatives elected in Florida. He helped us grow our Republican majority in the Florida State Senate, and gave us a historic win in the 2020 Presidential election.”

President Donald J. Trump


Support the Campaign

Support Wilton Simpson as he runs to be Florida’s next Commissioner of Agriculture. Contributions up to $3,000 maximum per individual or company are permitted under Florida law. Contributions are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.