Wilton’s commonsense conservatism has earned endorsements across the state from hardworking farmers to our brave law enforcement community. His work to protect our Second Amendment rights, to keep our taxes low and our economy strong has Floridians standing with Wilton, because they know he stands with them.

President Trump Endorses Wilton Simpson for Agriculture Commissioner

“Wilton Simpson has done an outstanding job as President of the Florida State Senate, and I hope he runs for Florida Agriculture Commissioner in 2022 – he will have my Complete and Total endorsement! Wilton has been a great supporter and worked hard to get many good Conservatives elected in Florida. He helped us grow our Republican majority in the Florida State Senate, and gave us a historic win in the 2020 Presidential election.”

President Donald J. Trump

NRA & Unified Sportsmen of Florida Endorses Wilton Simpson for Agriculture Commissioner

The Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner has the duty to oversee and administer the statutory laws that govern the concealed weapon and firearm licensing process. We believe it is vital to have a Commissioner who understands the importance of running this Cabinet office with integrity, honor, and who will not politicize our constitutional rights.

We believe that, if elected, you will serve with a strong commitment to the Constitution, the state laws that govern this process, and to the people of Florida.

58 Florida Sheriffs Endorse Wilton Simpson for Ag Commissioner

“The law enforcement officers protecting Florida’s communities put their lives on the line each and everyday to ensure our families are safe and I am proud to have their support,” said Simpson. “As others have tried to defund the police, I fought to ensure Floridians in uniform have the support and resources they need to do their jobs.”

Florida Professional Firefighters Endorse Wilton Simpson for Florida Agriculture Commissioner

“On behalf of the more than 26,000 Florida Professional Firefighters and Paramedics, I am proud to announce our membership’s endorsement of Wilton Simpson for Agriculture Commissioner.

“As Senate President, he showed he was willing to step up and deliver needed resources and pay raises for Florida’s state firefighters and we know his leadership will continue when he is elected to lead the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The FPF looks forward to working together for the next four years to support Florida’s highly trained Florida Forest Service Firefighters.”

– Wayne “Bernie” Bernoska, Florida Professional Firefighters President

American Fire Sprinklers Association Endorses Wilton Simpson for Florida Agriculture Commissioner

The Florida Chapter of the American Fire Sprinklers Association is proud to offer our endorsement of Wilton Simpson. As a businessman, he is acutely aware of the challenges that business owners face, and over the years as a legislator he has fought hard to ensure that Floridians have the right to prosper and succeed in their industry. His commonsense approach to regulatory oversight removes burdensome red tape while maintaining a strong focus on public safety. There is no candidate better suited for this position, and we are confident that as Commissioner of Agriculture, Wilton Simpson will continue his investment into our state and his tremendous efforts making Florida the best place to live and work.  

– Jessica Cox, Executive Director of AFSA-FL

Grover Norquist Endorses Simpson for Florida Agriculture Commissioner

“As a leader in the Florida legislature, Senate President Wilton Simpson has staunchly defended taxpayers, and the state’s leading business climate. With his guidance, Florida has become a more attractive place to live, raise a family, work, and run a business. 

“I endorse Wilton Simpson as the best choice for Commissioner of Agriculture. Floridians can expect more good, conservative leadership in the future. Simpson will protect their Second Amendment rights, and he has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge publicly committing to keep fighting for taxpayers. 

“From the national to local level, the Democrat agenda means higher taxes, more inflation, and fewer rights for all Americans. Wilton Simpson is the right candidate to return the office of Agriculture Commissioner to Republicans, and stop the left’s radical agenda.”

Ricky Carmichael Endorses Wilton Simpson for Agriculture Commissioner

“Excited for my friend, Wilton Simpson. An incredible leader, and always working hard to do what’s best for our great state, across the board.”

Pam Bondi Endorses Wilton Simpson for Agriculture Commissioner

“Wilton Simpson is a conservative warrior with a proven track record of supporting our brave law enforcement officers, protecting Florida’s families and defending our Second Amendment rights,” Bondi said. “Here in Florida and across the country, people are desperate for leaders who will fight to protect our shared conservative values. I am proud to endorse Wilton because I know he will continue to stand with hardworking Floridians.”

Colonel Mike Waltz Endorses Wilton Simpson for Ag Commissioner

“Now more than ever, Floridians need an Agriculture Commissioner who fully understands how our food supply chain works to provide safe and abundant food to the American people,” said Waltz. “At the height of the pandemic, Florida farmers like Wilton Simpson worked overtime to fill the gaps created by the crisis and ensure grocery store shelves were stocked. Governor DeSantis leaned on that expertise and tapped Wilton to serve on his Reopen Florida Task Force to help get Floridians back to work.”

Florida Chamber of Commerce Endorses Wilton Simpson for Ag Commissioner

“The Florida Chamber of Commerce endorses Wilton Simpson as Florida’s next Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services. As our recent Most Valuable Legislator, Wilton Simpson has taken the lessons of being a local business owner and applied them to improving the business climate for free enterprise in Florida,” said Mark Wilson, President and CEO, Florida Chamber of Commerce. “As an egg farmer from Trilby, Wilton has fought tirelessly for the business community’s legislative priorities, including the passage of COVID-19 liability protections for Florida employers and health care providers, protecting legacy farms from frivolous litigation through The Florida Right to Farm Act, and for lower taxes for local Florida businesses and families.”

Attorney General Ashley Moody Endorses Wilton Simpson for Ag Commissioner

“As a successful businessman, Wilton Simpson knows that public safety is the foundation of a thriving economy. Throughout his time in the Senate, Wilton has always helped give our men and women in law enforcement the resources and tools they need to keep our state safe,” said Moody. “We need leaders who wholeheartedly believe in the rule of law on the Florida cabinet and I am proud to endorse him to be our next Agriculture Commissioner.”

CFO Jimmy Patronis Endorses Wilton Simpson for Ag Commissioner

“As a farmer, a father and a businessman, Wilton Simpson is passionately invested in Florida’s future. He is a leader in the conservative revolution and he is delivering for hardworking families and small business owners,” said Patronis. “As Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, I see the impact Wilton’s fiscal responsibility and conservative priorities have had on our state’s AAA credit rating, our balanced budget, and low unemployment rate. I’m proud to stand with Wilton in his campaign for Florida Agriculture Commissioner because I know he will keep fighting to protect the American Dream.”

Florida Forestry Association Endorses Wilton Simpson for Ag Commissioner

“Wilton Simpson has a proven track record of strong leadership grounded in common sense,” said Alan Shelby, Association Executive Vice President. “By combining sound policies with political acumen, he clearly presents Florida’s best choice for growing our economy while protecting our environment.”

Wilton Simpson Earns AIF Endorsement for Ag. Commissioner Bid

“Wilton Simpson understands that the more affordable Florida is for our businesses, the stronger our economy will be for hardworking families. By keeping taxes low, getting rid of job-killing regulations and exercising fiscal responsibility, Wilton has protected the path to prosperity for millions of Floridians. We are confident that he will continue to do so as Florida’s next Agriculture Commissioner.” – AIF President and CEO Brewster Bevis.

Florida Farm Bureau FarmPAC Supports Wilton Simpson for Florida Agriculture Commissioner

Florida Farm Bureau FarmPAC proudly supports and endorses Mr. Wilton Simpson for the office of Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Mr. Simpson is a fifth generation Floridian, citrus grower and egg farmer. He truly understands the issues facing agriculture and is willing to serve in a capacity to protect those who feed the world.

He has been a champion in the Florida Senate not only for Florida’s farmers and ranchers, but for each and every citizen that calls the Sunshine State home.

Florida Builders back Wilton Simpson for Agriculture Commissioner

“We have known Senator Simpson throughout his entire legislative career and are thrilled to announce our endorsement of him in his race for Commissioner of Agriculture,” said Gary Griffin, ABCFL’s Board Chair and the CEO of B&I Contractors.

“Construction is a heavily regulated industry with rules that may change based on who is funding the project or where it is being built. Senate President Simpson has worked with us continuously to establish regulatory frameworks that are streamlined, uniform and transparent while maintaining a strong focus on public safety.”

Florida Law Enforcement Union Endorses Wilton Simpson for Agriculture Commissioner

“As our Senate President, you insist that the men and women of law enforcement and corrections be treated with the utmost respect,” reads a letter to Simpson from FPBA President John “Kaz“ Kazanjian. “Your vision as Senate President has steered our law enforcement and correctional officer communities onto a road into the 21st century. Your support for creating a sustainable quality of life for Florida’s finest will leave a lasting legacy for decades to come.

“We have your back and we know you have ours.”

Steadfast Support for Florida’s Agritourism Industry

“With his steadfast support for Florida’s growing agritourism industry, Wilton Simpson has ensured families are able to use their land and their know-how to create jobs and sustainability in communities across the state. I am proud to support Wilton because he knows first-hand what is possible when government steps aside and allows the hard work and ingenuity of Floridians to shine.” 

— Alan Hitchcock, Florida Agritourism Association President

Champion for Good Government

“Wilton Simpson is a champion for good government. We need leaders in Tallahassee who understand our business challenges.  He’s been in the trenches with us connecting people to hope for the future.  He is the real deal and I’m all for him in 2022. All in!”

Travis Maldonado, First Generation Hispanic business owner/home builder

He Has My Best Interest at Heart

“As a retiree, happy to be a full-time resident in the FREE State of Florida, I need Wilton Simpson to keep Florida the best and most friendly place for me to spend my golden years. I have no doubt he will have my best interest in his heart. Simpson 2022!”

Dr. Richard Pitz, Retiree 

Wilton Simpson is My Champion

“We have real challenges in our Citrus Industry right now from Citrus Greening disease, rising costs due to inflation and market challenges. Wilton Simpson is my champion and I’m happy to support him for Ag Commissioner in 2022.”

— Kyle Story, Multi-Generational Citrus Grower


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